Avoid the Candidate Danger Zone

Avoiding the Highway to the Candidate Danger Zone

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Earlier this month, my friend received an offer letter. The offer letter was accompanied by a call from an individual in Human Resources saying she would be in touch early the next week to set up a time for him to come in for orientation and to sign some documents for a background check. Three […]

Mapping Your Recruitment Process Lead You to Success

Process Mapping: The Key to Finding and Keeping the Right Candidates

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Everybody drops things from time to time. Dropping items from a building helped David Letterman’s career, dropping a football got Brandon Bostic fired from the Green Bay Packers and, not catching a baseball changed Bill Buckner’s life. As a recruiter, part of your job is ensuring candidates don’t drop out of your hiring process on […]

Suds and Staffing Episode 10:
The Cost of a Mis-Hire

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How much does a poor hire actually cost you? We discuss that long with two wonderful beverages provided by Draft and Vessel in Milwaukee. We drew our inspiration for this week’s episode from an interesting article we saw on LinkedIn from Ted Skinner: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/staggering-cost-mis-hire-ted-skinner.