Not only do we waste food, but we also waste candidates.

Suds and Staffing Episode 30: Stop Wasting Candidates

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Sam was gone last week, but the show must go on. Dave sat down with Aaron who both recently saw a Last Week Tonight segment about food waste which inspired them to talk about wasting candidates. The Takeaway We waste a lot of food…and candidates. Much like the produce in your fridge, there are some good […]

When it comes to recruiting, guiding candidates is just as important as sourcing them.

Suds and Staffing Episode 29: Guiding Candidates

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A cookout last week at a co-worker’s house inspired Dave and Sam to talk about how recruiters, (much like parents do with kids) can successfully guide candidates through the unfamiliar. Dave and Sam draw off of their experiences as parents to relate to recruiters acting as guides for candidates. They are not comparing recruiters to […]

When it comes to your hiring process, take Stephen Hawking's lead and question everything.

The Theory of (Questioning) Everything

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The Theory of Everything details the life and career of Stephen Hawking. One of the great takeaways from Mr. Hawking is he’s not afraid to question what others recognize as fact, nor is he averse to re-examining facts he believed to be true. Nothing is above being re-examined. It’s safe to say that many of […]