The best voice and video
interview solutions.

You’ve got to see it,
and hear it, to believe it.

A digital video and voice interview technology so advanced it’s almost beyond belief. But it’s real and it’s here, and it’s a Platform + People Solution so powerful it will forever transform your enterprise-wide hiring processes.

Learn more and experience our demo today.

Learn more and experience our demo today.

People are taking notice of HarQen,
and you should too.

The Power of People

We achieve client business objectives because we offer more than technology. We offer solutions by partnering our platform with amazing client service specialists. With an expert understanding of your company and its short- and long-term recruiting goals, these industry-best service specialists advise, evaluate, plan, install, integrate, and adjust your recruitment processes to achieve maximum optimization.

This is the power of the HarQen integrated Platform + People Solution. Some say it’s the best-kept secret in the recruitment and software industries. Judging by the accolades and rewards we’ve received, clearly the secret is out.

Great partnerships yielding great results.

Flexible. Creative. Agile.

A digital interview software platform with the flexibility to optimize diverse recruitment processes for organizations of all shapes and sizes. It’s coded for creativity – yours. And knowing the only constant is change the technology is designed to be nimble so you can adjust quickly.

Flexibility, creativity and agility power our platform to:

  • Pro-actively source leads and reintroduce leads when new roles open up.

  • Seamlessly integrate interviews into (almost) any ATS.

  • Securely store and manage interviews on our server – or on yours.

  • Quickly implement into our clients’ strategies and technologies.

HarQen’s technology is SaaS, which means it’s easily accessible to recruiters anytime, anywhere. Candidates can also connect anytime, anywhere with our iOS and Android apps.

Most importantly, we’ve integrated our technology with our amazing client service specialists, transforming the software into the most flexible, creative and agile Platform + People Solution on the market. You really must see it to believe it.

Video and voice interviews of all types for all types of campaigns (and candidates).

How and what you communicate – and how quickly you do it – determines the quality of candidates you attract. And you want prodigies not pencil pushers because your company’s tomorrow is defined by whom you hire today. To reach the right people at the right time requires the right video and voice interview options. And having all interview types is what makes us the right platform for you.

Why HarQen is different, and better.

Lower Cost-per-Hire

Reduce interview time and operational costs while increasing recruiter productivity to dramatically decrease cost-per-hire.

Increase Efficiency

Gain insights early in the process to increase recruiter productivity, and share interviews organization-wide to collaborate smart and fill vacancies faster.

StrengthenEmployer Brand

Fully branded interviews introduce candidates to company culture, work environment and future coworkers while reinforcing your employer brand.

Gain Valuable Insights

Platform dashboard tracks candidate engagement and captures key insights to optimize strategies while reporting functions provide analytics.

Simplify Recruiting Processes

Remove time-consuming and tedious resume reviews, phone screens and traditional assessments to streamline recruitment processes.

Dazzle Candidates

First impressions last. Wow with unique candidate experiences with branded content, relevant questions and ease of use.

Learn more and experience our demo today.