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Recruiting for Business Outcomes

Drive Revenue, Increase Efficiency, and Reduce Costs

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Drive Revenue

Leverage recruiting to optimize business growth and change.


Total Wellness grew revenue by 45% over two years with a HarQen-powered hiring process that accelerated its ability to find the best candidates across 160 metro markets.

  • External recruiting costs were reduced by 25%
  • Recruiters went from reviewing 3-4 candidates per day to 60-70

“The amount of applicants that we were getting grew so much that it was almost unmanageable. Voice Advantage has been an invaluable tool for our company. It’s a huge, huge leap from where we were a few years ago. We’d have to have three fulltime interviewers to interview as many people as I am in a couple hours a day. It’s allowed us to hire better people faster.

-Director of Nursing

If you’re faced with growth or change, finding the right
people quickly is crucial to cash in. HarQen can help

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Improve Efficiency

Accelerate recruiting to engage and identify qualified people faster.


HarQen helped American Airlines find the best 2,500 candidates quickly from a flood of 20,000 applicants, optimizing recruiting team efficiency without adding headcount.

  • Estimated cost avoidance of $100,000/qtr
  • Recruiter efficiency improved 10x

“There’s such interest in this job that our challenge is not in sourcing and finding sources of candidates, our challenge is more in the selection process and making sure we get the best of the best.”

-Joint Business Effectiveness Lead

Whether you need to find twelve great people or twelve hundred,
HarQen can help you get to them quickly.

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Reduce Costs

Focus recruiting to lower ongoing costs and maximize candidate experience.



AMN Healthcare saves $24,000 a month using HarQen tools and processes to increase efficiency and maintain exceptional quality standards.

  • 40 to 60 percent faster turnaround time
  • Candidate satisfaction rate of 93%

“We were looking for ways to innovate, and they’ve definitely helped us create value in achieving speed to market. We considerably dropped the time and dollars that we were spending to get interviews done by leveraging their platform.”

-Senior Clinical Director

Every day, our clients reduce recruiting and ongoing
business costs. HarQen can optimize your performance.

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Top Airlines, Healthcare, Finance, trust us

AMN Healthcare saves $24,000 per month and has complete control after moving through HarQen’s R.A.M.P.


A large regional bank experienced a 20% attrition reduction after implementing a recruiting process powered by HarQen.


Adecco RPO saw a cost savings of 60% after working with HarQen to optimize its recruiting process.