Helping You Recruit the Right People to
Drive Your Business Outcomes

HarQen's award-winning digital interview tools and Recruitment Acceleration Management ProcessTM will help you DRIVE REVENUE, INCREASE EFFICIENCY, and REDUCE COSTS. This results in a real Return On RecruitingTM.


See how other companies have turned recruiting into a strategic advantage with HarQen

Improve Efficiency

Accelerate recruiting to engage and identify qualified people faster.

HarQen helped American Airlines find the best 2,500 candidates quickly from a flood of 20,000 applicants, optimizing recruiting team efficiency without adding headcount.


Drive Revenue

Leverage recruiting to optimize business growth and change.

Total Wellness grew revenue by 45% over two years with a HarQen-powered hiring process that accelerated its ability to find the best candidates across 160 metro markets.


Reduce Costs

Focus your recruiting to lower ongoing costs and maximize candidate experience.

AMN Healthcare saves $24,000 a month using HarQen tools and processes to increase efficiency and maintain exceptional quality standards.