Let Your Recruiters
Be Closers

HarQen’s award-winning Voice Advantage® digital interview platform is a powerful candidate engagement tool designed to help your recruiters do what they do best.


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HarQen clients leverage our Voice Advantage® tools for:

Voice Advantage lets your recruiters screen candidates 10x faster than traditional phone screens.
Live AdvantageTM lets you see candidates face-to-face.
Add the voice of your candidates to your application process and find the right people, not the right piece of paper.
Let your team respond to questions whenever their schedule allows.
Follow-up calls are critical to retention, but are often the first thing sacrificed when a recruiter is busy. Use Voice Advantage to let candidates respond at any time and recruiters to check in effortlessly.
Let all your employees share their thoughts before you sit down together, optimizing your conversations.
Check in and make sure all your new hires are comfortable and know what they need to know.
Give your whole team a quick and easy way to meet new members.
Collect invaluable feedback from your clients in their own voice.
Collect references for prospective hires any time, day or night.

Voice Advantage® award-winning digital interview tools will help you DRIVE REVENUE, INCREASE EFFICIENCY, and REDUCE COSTS. This results in a real Return On RecruitingTM.


97% of candidates in an independent study positively rated their experience with HarQen’s Voice Advantage technology and tools.