We carefully evaluate your recruiting process using our exclusive RAMP (Recruiting Acceleration Management Process) to identify key opportunities to optimize your approach. Following our review, we create a plan tailored perfectly to your business goals and outcomes. We will leverage our award-winning tools to drive your sucess.


HarQen's Award Winning Candidate Engagement Tool: Voice Advantage

Voice Advantage, our award-winning candidate engagement tool, will accelerate your recruiting and deliver a best-touch experience for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers.


Our powerful Hypervoice technology integrates into your existing enterprise systems to streamline communications. Easily find specific moments in lengthy recorded calls and meetings, and overcome the challenges that arise from geographical separation. Hypervoice can simplify training and sales management, leading to increased conversions as well as adding efficiency and speed to your sales cycle.

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Symposia is a secure conference call platform with collaboration tools to capture and create interactive meetings. Every participant can annotate, tag, and share the parts of the meeting that matter most to them.