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Voice Advantage® — Quickly find the perfect person for the job

Use Voice Advantage, a simple web-based dashboard, to create and distribute custom video or telephone interviews. Job seekers interview at their convenience—no more scheduling hassles. Recruiters review candidates ten times faster at any time and can easily share interviews with colleagues and hiring managers to expedite the hiring process.

Why do our clients trust Voice Advantage with their digital interviews?

We care about your success.

  • Deep experience and flexibility to assist as much—or as little—as you need. Whether it’s initial setup, training, best practices, or interview questions, we have the right resources for your team.
  • Unparalleled insight and analysis into candidate and recruiter behavior. We organize the data so you don’t have to.
  • Voice Advantage is the only tool that allows you to give your candidates a choice. With Audio Fallback™, you never need to worry about losing a great candidate due to technology limitations.
  • We stand behind you so you can deliver a positive, high-touch experience that attracts the best candidates.

Global access at a price you can afford.

  • Conduct and review telephone or video interviews from anywhere in the world.
  • Voice Advantage is designed for scale, delivering a cost-effective solution whether you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of candidates to screen.

Tried and true technology...and great support.

  • Our technical infrastructure exceeds the demands of the three largest staffing and recruiting firms in the world, a Top-3 global BPO, one of the largest airlines in the world and many other happy customers.
  • Great customer support from experienced professionals who know and understand recruitment.

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Hypervoice — Link what you say to what you do

Quickly find the moments that matter within calls you already record. Allow your organization to more easily talk to each other across time zones, within your enterprise systems. Improve upfront lead generation to quickly identify and follow-up with the best prospects and customers. Simplify sales management and training, increase sales conversion ratios, and shorten sales cycles by ensuring the proper delivery of messaging.

Customize and integrate HarQen Hypervoice Solutions for your enterprise and specific configuration, on-premise or in the cloud.

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Symposia — Conversation & Meeting Management

Have you deleted an important email lately? Of course not. Then why discard important conversations? Your discussions provide valuable information for you and your organization.

Symposia helps you capture your conversations and manage your meetings, providing you with perfect memory and notes. Treat your business conversations like gold with Symposia.

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HRE Award, 2010

Top HR Product
of 2010

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